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FollyRadio introduces dj OLI-D

SONS OF MUSIC #021 by dj Oli-D.

(All tracks compiled & mixed by dj Oli-D for SONS OF MUSIC.)

dj Oli-D about his set: "A humble tribute to the legendary house music pioneers: Larry Levan, Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles."
From dj Oli-D's point of view ...
ONE memorable song quote: "So what" by Miles Davies.
TWO artists, who should collaborate: Nicki Siano & Joey Negro.
THREE things you would like to have with you on a desert island: My mum, my wife & my two kids.
FOUR days ago ... I was preparing my exclusive mix for Sons of Music.
FIVE words describing the style of dj Oli-D's guest mix: House music, Funky house, Disco house, Classic house & Soulful house.
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