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DJ Pulsar

"Since the mid-1980`s i am interested in the electronic musicstyle. An essential factor was the sound of Jean Michel Jarre. His "Oxygene" burnt in my mind. Over the years my passion for EDM risen, especially for trance. Different musicstyles often are next to each other, so the way to progressive house isn`t so far - i like that as well. Better late than never, the decision for djing came at the end of 2012, finally because of my favorite artists - Above & Beyond. In consequence of lots of positive feedback in 2013 i`m developing my show "space odyssey" step by step; but the most exciting project is my first EP named "one" incl. brilliant remixes from Mino Safy, Jack Vath and Physical Phase which released on major plattforms on 6th of july 2015. I would be pleased if YOU - the listeners - will support me now and tomorrow. Thanks for that, yours Pulsar"

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