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Choral Music of Edward Elgar

From a tape that was found in the KPFA library and broadcast on April 1, 1971 with a general appeal to the listening audience to “name that tune,” this is a selection of music for organ and a large mixed choir. At that the time of that broadcast, the best guess offered was that this was a copy of Lili Boulanger’s work “Ave Maria,” which was, admittedly, a very long shot since that work that has been reported as either lost or destroyed. However this tape has since been identified, with a large but not complete sense of assurance, as a selection of sacred choral music by the English composer, Edward Elgar. Sung in both Latin and English, and including a number of settings from the Book of Psalms, this program presents a superb albeit unidentified organist and choir.

Run time 52 min

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