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FROZEN - chill & lounge


Sven Weisemann, Mick Thammer, Kaxamalka, Chillelektro .

Hello and welcome dear listeners :-)
I'm glad for your visit...listen and support.
I hope you will folow me on this new musical adventure :-)
So relax and enjoy ""FROZEN"" 
I realy appreciate your friendly comments
I hope that this new mix will warm up your heart :-)
Have a ""GOOD ONE ""
nr. 01 Kaxamalka - Sirocco
nr. 02 Mick Thammer - First
nr. 03 Chillelektro - L' Escala 
nr. 04 Sven Weisemann - Motion Capture
nr. 05 Slavian - Kinky Juice
nr. 06 LaSmooth Genestar - Sputnik II 
nr. 07 El Nicoya - Linea Vaga
nr. 08 Chill House Remix dj.ChiCoCo

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