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Greekboy: At young age i was learning piano for 5 years .And my passion for music was and still unlimited . Then i discover the rave scene at young age , i was 14 years old when accidently i hear a radio show here in Athens called “ Rave Alarm “ with my great friend Dbase . Then it was a great journey with this kind of music until now. All of those years i was dancing ,mixing and listening break beat , jungle,happy hardcore,intelligent drum and bass .In the year 2010 i was starting to experimental and learn how can i fix and produce music . And after a lot of hours , days and months learning i started to fix my own tracks.

Originally Played - for_LiquidBeatCafe_Podcast
Title: Guest Mix for LiquidBeatCafe Podcast
Playtime: 62 mins (1:01:46)
Uploaded: 26 Nov 2016

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