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Lexer - My Paradise brings you the best that deep house music has to offer by sharing one well selected track a day on our website. Our music platform is growing rapidly and is now reaching thousands of music lovers around the world every day! Furthermore, it now is possible to create your personal playlist on our website with all the well selected tracks that we made available!
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Additionally, aims at serving you with the music of world class DJ's. With great pleasure, we therefore present to you this Exclusive Mix by @lexer! We can hardly express how excited we are to have this German hero on our pages as he is one of our favourite DJ's ever since he created his early tracks (e.g. "The Funural", "Alone", "Spirit Bird" and his Little Bird Remake) back in 2012. For the first time ever he created a mixtape in which he only used tracks made or edited by himself! Listen to it exclusively on pages and enjoy his tremendous talent for 1 hour (at least)! Have a nice day!
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