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Sound Of The Sitar

This upload features tracks from Daniel JaninRavi HarrisKalyanji AnandjiOKKO SITAR ELECTRONICSAnanda Shankar and more.


Ashish Khan, Ravi Shankar - Bagavad Gita Stanzas

Between - Contemplation
Oriental Sunshine - Track from album Dedicated To The Bird We Love 
Daniel Janin - Mahi
Baris Manco - Flower oF Love
Wolfgang Dauner - Take Off Your Clothes to Feel The Setting Sun
Yves Hayat - Le chemin de l ascension, Path of Ascension
Phil Upchurch - Sitar Soul
Ravi Harris - Lost dragon of the sahara
Serge Gainsbourg - New delire
Dave Pike Set - Mathar
Ananda Shankar - Back Home
Kalyanji Anandji - Dharmatma Theme Music
Dzyan - A Day In My Life
Bernard Mikaelian - Instrumental (Sitar)
Popol Vuh - Nosferatu

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