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Deaths from heart attack and stroke rise dramatically in January. Why this is the case has long puzzled scientists, but Nelson Chong says that new research is starting to unravel the mystery. And it has nothing to do with the cold weather.
The Natural History Museum in London is preparing to send one of its most famous exhibits, "Dippy" the diplodocus skeleton, on a tour of the UK. Fossil expert Ben Garrod explains what it takes to care for, transport and assemble such a giant 3D jigsaw.
A New York pizzeria is selling a US$2,000 pizza garnished with gold leaf, but this is no flash in the pan – people have been flaunting wealth by eating gold for centuries. But what does it do to your insides? And are there other metals that would be better on pizza? Nutritionist Marie-Ann Ha reveals all
Clint Witchalls
Health + Medicine Editor

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Heart attacks are more common in January – here's why

Nelson Chong, University of Westminster
A perfect storm of risk factors makes January the deadliest month for cardiovascular disease.

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  • Why British Airways cabin crew are striking

    Geraint Harvey, University of Birmingham; Peter Turnbull, University of Bristol
    Despite performing the same job, one of BA's three cabin crew fleets earns far less than their colleagues.

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  • No proof music lessons make children any smarter

    Giovanni Sala, University of Liverpool; Fernand Gobet, University of Liverpool
    Turns out children don't necessarily become smarter just because they have learned how to play the piano or sing in a choir.

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