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27 March 2017
Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images

Dan Jarvis won't save Labour - no one can

Chris Deerin, CapX
There’s nothing quite as tedious as a Labour politician on manoeuvres. The latest is Dan Jarvis, who has broken cover with a 5,000-word pitch in the New Statesman which reads like a checklist of the bleedin' obvious. But Jarvis isn't to blame. Various would-be heirs to Corbyn are offering their much-of-a-muchness, supply-teacher visions, but none is answering the basic question: what is the Labour Party for?

Both sides want a Brexit trade deal - here's where to start

Shanker Singham, CapX
With negotiations between Britain and the EU about to begin, there is much more common ground and goodwill than many would have you believe. Both sides share the same goal: a comprehensive free trade agreement. Yet striving for such a deal should not stop Britain talking to other countries. If the UK is to thrive after Brexit, its ultimate objective must be to emerge as the world's leading champion of free trade. 

Our intelligence agencies are keeping terror at bay

Malcolm Rifkind, CapX
Despite last week's events in Westminster, the failure of terrorist organisations to repeat an attack on the scale of 9/11 or 7/7 is testament to the skill and professionalism of those who keep us safe - and to the weakness of today's terrorist organisations. Islamic State, for example, will remain dangerous until it is eradicated, a process that will take some years. But soon, its caliphate will seem a long-lost dream. 

Jack Ma goes global

Adam Lashinsky, Fortune
Alibaba, China's biggest online marketplace, has made Jack Ma one of the country's richest men. Yet Ma is so much more. Crisscrossing the globe to meet CEOs, prime ministers and presidents, he has fashioned himself into a global ambassador for Chinese business. That makes his latest alliance - with Donald Trump - all the more unlikely. Ma has vowed that Alibaba will create one million jobs in the US. Will he keep his promise?  

Why it's harder than ever to buy your first home

Social Mobility Commission
Many Tories were galled when David Cameron gave a Labour minister a platform to lecture the nation. But the latest report from Alan Milburn's Social Mobility Commission contains valuable and alarming data about how home ownership has become a generation game. In 1990, 40 per cent of those aged 20-24 owned a home. Today, it is only 10 per cent - and those that can buy are dependent on the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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