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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Coffee Breaks

Started this mix in a very relaxed mode, sipping my coffee. Coffee Breaks.. sounded suitable..
Enjoy my friends.


David Lanz & Gary Stroutsos, Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Intro, Sambox, Visit Venus and more.

00:00 Intro - Intro
00:31 Vladi Strecker - Midnight ocean (Smooth Night Mix)
08:21 Paul Eerhart - The Big Apple
12:56 Visit Venus - Planet Of Breaks (Jazzanova Mix)
20:25 Fous de la mer - Stars And Fishes
25:40 Sambox - Don't Turn Me
29:55 Jjos & Fede Garcia - Show me love (Chill Mix)
33:55 Joint Chiefs Of Staff - Flutecrous
39:49 David Lanz & Gary Stroutsos - A Distant Light
41:19 Levitation & Alex B. Smoove Remix - More Than Ever People
45:35 Michael E - Infinite Beauty
50:23 KoolSax - The Lost City (Original Mix)
55:42 Far Away - Trumpet Thing

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