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New £1 coin, defining terrorism, autistic ancestry

A new £1 coin goes into circulation today. It's being touted as the most secure coin in the world by the Royal Mint, which wants to cut down on the forgeries that plagued its predecessor. But, as Richard Farmer writes, users may be more interested in the fact that it is 12-sided – much like an old British coin that divided opinion.
It is motivation that separates terrorism from other acts of violence. And police have now said that we may never know why Khalid Masood killed four people at Westminster. So, as news networks continue to define the attack as terrorism, Steve Hewitt argues the case for evidence over guesswork.
People with autism often have special talents such as an exceptional memory or heightened perception. Yet these are also often cast as an abnormality in the wider world. Penny Spikins suggests that thousands of years ago, people with autistic traits would not only have been accepted by their societies but played a vitally important role in the survival and development of human beings.
Annabel Bligh
Business and Economy Editor

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Is this the most secure coin in the world?
Richard Farmer, University of East Anglia
The UK's new £1 coin is touted as being the most-secure in the world. Its dodecagonal shape harks back to an old threepenny forebear.

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