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An act of terrorism may brought parliament to a standstill and caused chaos on one of London's bridges. But there were also tributes and praise for the response by emergency teams. There was much to unite rather than divide. Brexit may loom, but on the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome today, the solidarity that was a founding principle of European unity – must remain so.
Many reviews of Jordan Peele's new comedy-horror Get Out, a film about the black experience in America, have effusively described it as a satire on white liberal elitism. But this isn't a film that simply asks white viewers to "check their privilege", but one that manages to capture the elusive psychology of racism. For Victoria Anderson reviews for the film reveal that it's still very much at work.
Maps tell us about our place in the world. But what if those maps are exaggerated? Donald Houston explains how cartographers can change the way they draw the Earth in an attempt to counter biases.
And the latest episode of The Anthill podcast is up: waste not want not. And the quiz – pit your wits here.
Have a great weekend.
Jo Adetunji
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The Treaty of Rome was signed at Campidoglio Palace on March 25, 1957. Italy's News Photo/EPA

Solidarity was a founding principle of European unity – it must remain so

Alexandra Pimor, Liverpool John Moores University
Sixty years since the Treaty of Rome was signed, the EU goal still remains clear: peace.

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  • Do you look like your name?

    Anne-Laure Sellier, HEC School of Management – Université Paris-Saclay
    Eight studies have found that when people were shown ID-style photos of people they'd never met, they were often able to correctly select the person's first name.

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