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A Change is Gonna Come by Dj Mr Lob


Vanessa Kendrick, Freddie Scott, Esther Phillips, The Dixie Cups, Mable John and more.

I've been listening to and playing a lot of Soul music lately.
It is music that has never left my heart and soul and music that I still look for, buy and listen to, whether new or old.
I'm not so worried about what type of Soul it is, just that I like it and when I play it like this at my gigs, the feeling it gives and the smiles and nods I receive in return.
Also after the success of my recent live mix, I Get Lifted I just had to share more classic soul with you guys.
This set was recorded live on Sunday 9 April 2017 at Beer Deluxe, Federation Square on a very cold and wet Melbourne Autumn day.
Hope this set warms your heart and touches your soul like it does mine.
Dj Mr Lob

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