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CapX - Time for a tax revolution

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Britain needs a free market in taxes

Mark Feldner and Matthew Bonnon, CapX
The UK is one of the most centralised countries in the world. Nothing illustrates this more vividly than taxation, which, with the exception of council tax, is essentially decided on by one man in No 11. Why not introduce genuine competition? This prize-winning essay argues that allowing cities and regions to set their own rates would reinvigorate communities, be more economically efficient and help rich and poor alike

On Brexit, Theresa May is giving the public what they want

John Curtice, CapX
Hard or soft? Controls on immigration or free trade? Most Britons, regardless of how they voted in the referendum, want both. According to the EU's logic, which sees free movement of people as a necessary precondition for the free exchange of goods and services, the UK wants to have its cake and eat it. But it's more that the voters, like their Prime Minister, aren't happy with Europe's recipe.  

Can we trust Trump with the Tomahawks?

Alex Massie, CapX
Last week, Donald Trump's administration appeared happy for Bashar al-Assad to remain in power. With last night's missile strike on one of the Syrian dictator's airfields, that seems to have changed. While the action may be a necessary reminder that red lines mustn't be crossed, Trump's chaotic approach to foreign policy still makes the world a more dangerous place.

Has Google lost its groove?

Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land
Google's reputation as a search engine has taken a knock in the last few months. From putting a Holocaust denial website at the top of the list of results for the search "Did the Holocaust happen?" to Google Home appearing to confirm that Barack Obama was plotting a coup, its algorithm has got some things horribly wrong. How much can, or should, the search giant do about these mishaps? 

The African education revolution

Jamie Martin, CapX
Africa has made great strides in recent years. Since 2000, real average incomes have risen by 50 per cent and infant mortality has nearly halved. Education, however, has been a comparative failure: 30 million primary-aged children are not in school. Yet there are beacons of hope. Just as technical innovation and free enterprise are driving Africa's economic progress, so they are starting to transform education too.

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