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djBB - Sessions 3

Third in djBB's series of Deep House Sessions

9:20   Prok & Fitch - One of These Days   
13:20   Avon Stringer - My Guitar (Harry Romero Remix)   
16:40   Cid - She Wants The D   
19:40   Yomanda - Sunshine 2015   
23:00   Joe Stone - The Party (This Is How We Do It)   
28:40   Chris Montana - Mali   
35:40   Andre Vicenzzo, Flavio Zarza - Matinée Summer 2015 Session   
40:20   Taito Tikaro, Lydia Sanz - Matinée Summer 2015 Session   
44:00   The Cube Guys - Jazzy   
48:20   Marco Santoro - Be   
53:40   Ron Carroll - Get Down   

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