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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Angel Eyes

Sitting over here and was waiting on a friend
I was playing with some tracks,
because my musical layout of my harddisk was completely changed
I could not find some tracks I wanted to use.
But instead found a few others I was not aware of anymore..
Btw some real vocal beauties as well..

00:00 Intro -Intro
00:25 Paul & Price feat. Angela McCluskey - I Adore You
06:01 Five Seasons - Bare Feet (feat. Gushi)
10:35 Rue De Soleil - La Francaise
15:34 Leon Ard - Sithonia
20:07 Ian Ewing - Root'd
23:52 Michael E - Close To You
28:25 Motif feat. Pamela Nyambo - Strong (Chillout Mix)
34:17 Tatianna Mia Moore - My love (Sleep Well)
41:53 Rue Du Soleil - Angel Eyes
47:01 Morcheeba - Small Town
51:53 Adani&Wolf - So Sensual
57:05 The Diventa Project - Miss Ya (Lazy Hammock Mix)

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