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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Cry On My Mind

Started this mix and felt quite overwhelmed, not sure why it just happened. So here we go my friends, just sit back and let the music take you on a journey.

00:00 Intro - Intro
00:29 dZihan & Kamien - Drophere (feat. Ma Dita)
04:12 Christian Hornbostel - A New Day Has Come
09:37 Clive Button - Soon I'll Be Home
13:54 Michael E - Precious Jewel
18:29 Lemongrass - Running Away
22:41 Terra Two - Signs of Spring
26:56 Phil Perry - Walk On By
32:24 Sweetback - Lover
36:55 Please Ok Sound - Summertime feat. Mfa Kera
41:34 Sambox - Better Blues
46:58 Q-Point - Back To You (Original)
52:37 Bela Banhegyi - Water For Life (Antiqua Mix)
56:54 Talvin Singh - Traveller (Kid Loco's once upon a time)

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