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The Conversation: China special, football streaming, tobacco tales

A record-breaking eight million students will graduate from Chinese universities this year. Katherine Stapleton takes us inside the world’s largest higher education boom, but finds overqualified employees working long hours in low-paid jobs. Meanwhile, David Tyfield believes Donald Trump’s reluctance to act on global warming presents an opportunity for China toassume a leadership role on climate change.
Football’s Premier League is desperately trying to stop people illegally streaming matches. But it is going about it in the wrong way, says Roger Domeneghetti. It needs to get with the times and create an on-demand streaming service.
And we discover how, years before the US president became associated with “fake news”, sharp minds were at work on behalf of Big Tobacco convincing millions that the links between smoking and lung cancer were “alternative facts”.
Holly Squire
Education Editor

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Graduation day.

Inside the world's largest higher education boom

Katherine Stapleton, University of Oxford
China has too many students and not enough jobs.

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