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The Conversation: Cultural appropriation, bluebells, deadly volcanoes

A painting on show in New York has stirred US cultural sensitivities. Open Casket, which is a representation of photographs of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955, has been condemned as “cultural appropriation" of a highly sensitive and symbolic image for African Americans. Andy Pratt looks at when borrowing from other cultures is theft – and when it is simply fair exchange.
British woodlands are currently erupting in a blaze of colour as the nation’s bluebells spring into life. But these forest flowers aren’t just a pretty sight, says Vera Thoss. Below the surface, they’re also ruthless competitors in the woodland turf war.
Volcanoes have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the last few centuries and are a vivid example of our planet’s destructive power. But which now pose the greatest threat? Matthew Blackett highlights the ones to watch … and the havoc they could wreak.
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Bloomageddon: seven clever ways bluebells win the woodland turf war

Vera Thoss, Bangor University
They're not just a pretty spring sight – behind the scenes, bluebells are ruthless competitors.

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