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The Conversation: James Patterson, Hungary, Arsenal

James Patterson – master of the airport novel – can lay claim to being the world's bestselling author. But by his own admission, he doesn't write the novels alone, but enlists the help of collaborators. James O'Sullivan has been doing some digital sleuthing, and found that the dominant style is rarely Patterson's. So, he asks, what makes an author: plot, or actual words?
Hungary has come in for repeated criticism from human rights organisations as it prepares to detain asylum seekers in camps built of shipping containers along its border with Serbia. Umut Korkut points out just how hypocritical this stance is – particularly as investors with enough money can effectively buy their way to Hungarian citizenship.
Since he took charge of Arsenal Football Club 21 years ago, Arsene Wenger has brought his team plenty of trophies and plaudits. He also changed the Premier League's approach to football, despite now coming under fire for dropping the ball. Rob Gowers says those now calling for him to stand down should reflect on the challenge of filling his influential boots.
Josephine Lethbridge
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Why you don't need to write much to be the world's bestselling author

James O'Sullivan, University of Sheffield
James Patterson – one of the world's bestselling authors – may not principally be a writer.

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