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The Most Influential Person In Electronic Music Production Has Died

Ikutaro Kakehashi is not exactly a household name amongst young dance music fans, but the majority of the genre defining sounds that growl and pulse across contemporary dance floors we owe to this pioneering Japanese engineer.
Kakehashi founded Ace Tone in the 1960s, a company which created primitive drum machines and amps, laying the foundation for the game-changing equipment that was to come when he founded Roland in the early 1970s.
With Roland, Kakehashi created the most influential piece of machinery in modern music, the TR-808 drum machine. The 808 shaped the course of hip hop and dance music, and found its way into pop, funk, soul and alternative rock. 
In addition to the 808, under Kakehashi’s direction Roland produced influential music makers like the TR-909 and TB-303. These machines started a new and completely original chapter in 20th century music making, and are still – despite the software takeover - some of the most important and best loved tools in a modern music producer’s arsenal.
Ikutaro Kakehashi passed away yesterday at the age of 87; his contribution to music will be felt – and heard – forever.
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