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They improve our lives in so many ways, but can machines ever make beautiful melodies? A team of researchers wanted to find out so they used artificial intelligence to compose a piece of folk music. Here's what happened when it was presented to an intimidating audience of human musicians.
A new pound coin went into circulation in the UK this week. While its 12 sides make it somewhat reminiscent of the old threepenny bit, this quid has some very modern design features to combat counterfeiting.
This week saw Brexit become a reality, as Article 50 was triggered. So what happens now? To test your knowledge on this, and all the other big news from the past seven days, try our latest Conversation quiz.
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Laura Hood
Politics Editor, Assistant Editor

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'Machine folk' music shows the creative side of AI

Bob Sturm, Queen Mary University of London; Oded Ben-Tal, Kingston University
Rather than replace us, we could use AI could boost our creativity.

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