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This Monday marks 20 years since Tony Blair swept to power at the head of New Labour after a historic election victory. These days, much of the party seems desperate to forget those years, not least since the Iraq War. Steven Fielding takes a look back at the Blairite legacy. There’s also a case to be made for reconsidering the commonly held view that Blair’s 1997 rival John Major was a disappointing PM.
There has been much excitement at the news that 80s pop trio Bananarama are reforming. Why are so many bands from that era making come backs these days? It’s not just about the money.
Researchers in the Netherlands have come up with a wild idea to make airports work more efficiently – make the runway circular. An ex-pilot has taken a look at the design though, and has some bad news about its chances of taking off.
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Laura Hood
Politics Editor, Assistant Editor

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On the trail in 1997. PA Archive/PA Images

New Labour 20 years on: assessing the legacy of the Tony Blair years

Steven Fielding, University of Nottingham
Things could only get better. Or could they?

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The Conversation quiz #9: what fraction of researchers around the world are women?

Gemma Ware, The Conversation; Fiona Lally, The Conversation
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