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WHAT'S ON IN OXFORDSHIRE: Magical Victorian parlour tricks

After their popular 2015 tour, magicians Rhys Morgan and Robert West are back on the road.

Their new show Parlour Tricks will see the magicians perform wizardry with a Victorian twist.
And they’ll be at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot on Sunday April 9.
Their show is not for a while yet but you better get your tickets before they sell out, as the dynamic duo are in demand, with their Station Road visit expected to be a sell out.
So, what can we expect next month?
“Ah, the toughest question for a magic show,” Rhys told the Guardian.
“The short and entirely serious answer is the unexpected and the impossible, or at least the theoretically impossible.
“Clearly it’s possible somehow, otherwise how would we do it?”
The two met during their university days when they were both doing the same science course, and formed a friendship when they expressed their passion for the arts.
First getting into magic at the age of 20, the two wanted to stand out from their competitors, so Rhys and Robert decided to form their act around the Victorian era – dressing up in clothes from the times along with having back stories about their on stage personas.
The idea paid off and the two are currently enjoying a very successful first tour with their magic for two years.
And Rhys hopes the success will continue, despite the odd trick going wrong. “Things often go wrong, or at least deviate from the course that we would like them to take.
“The key thing to remember is that the audience don’t know what is supposed to happen so you have to get good at playing it cool and shrugging off the errors!”
Their visit occurs just after the first anniversary of Paul Daniels’ death .
Paul is regarded as one of the most successful magicians in Britain.
“We grew up watching Paul on television although by the time we started doing magic ourselves we were more focussed on Derren Brown,” Rhys said.
“We first met Paul in 2011 when he was doing a show at the Edinburgh Fringe and he was very generous to us in his time and encouragement.
“We met him several times over the subsequent years and were deeply saddened by the news of his passing.
“He was one of the very best performing magicians and entertainers that the world has seen.”
Tickets cost £11 and it starts at 7.30pm.

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