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Why Britain needs more than Brexit

Photo: Christopher / AFP / Getty Images

Britain needs more than just Brexit - it needs a radical reboot

Tim Montgomerie, CapX
For all that Theresa May has got right since she became Prime Minister - from respecting the result of the referendum to her straight-dealing approach to politics - her Government has been too timid. Brexit is a huge undertaking, but she must not let it consume all of her ministers' time. Millions of people voted for change back in June. Where is the agenda that will deliver it? 

Zuma plunges the knife into South African democracy

Ryan Calland, The Conversation
By sacking finance minister Pravin Gordhan, Jacob Zuma hasn't just rocked the ANC. He has shaken the fragile foundations of South African democracy - and sent the currency into a tailspin. Gordhan and his team were all that stood in the way of the corrupt opportunists around Zuma. Unless the president's opponents can topple him soon, South Africa could join the continent's club of post-colonial calamities.

Trump's presidency has collided with reality

Alex Massie, CapX
Although it may not feel like it, it has been just three months since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. He could hardly have got off to a worse start. With the notable exception of his selection of Neil Gorsuch as his nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, his administration has lurched from crisis to crisis. And this dysfunction comes from the very top.

Mapping US wages

Christopher Groskopf and Dan Kopf, Quartz
This map of the US showing county-by-county rates of income growth since 1990 tells the story of a quarter of a century of economic change. Coastal cities have boomed; the shale gas revolution has enriched many; the Rust Belt is, well, rusty. But take a step back, and the map captures the power of creative destruction - the essential but ruthless force that pushes the economy on, leaving winners and losers in its wake.

Why Fillon could still win

Tom Wheeldon, CapX
Things don't look good for French presidential candidate François Fillon. He has been trailing in the polls ever since "Penelopegate" hit the headlines in January. But it is still too soon to count him out: his willingness to administer the Thatcherite medicine needed to fix the economy has resonated in middle-class France. If enough "Shy Fillonites" vote for the man making the right economic arguments, he could spring another surprise. 

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