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Why Prince Charles needs a lesson in economics

Why Prince Charles needs a lesson in economics 

Robert Colvile, CapX
When Prince Charles blames the plight of the poor in Africa's slums on free trade, he could not be more wrong. Free trade is the essential ingredient for economic development, and has helped lift billions out of poverty. Sadly, the Prince's erroneous conviction is a common one: too many people still peddle the patronising argument that we mustn't impose our economic system on the developing world. 

How to liberate education from the state

James Tooley, CapX
Ever since Keith Joseph dropped the idea of school vouchers in 1983, the free-market revolution has passed education by. Now, Prof James Tooley - who has built chains of low-cost schools in Honduras, Ghana and India - wants to bring that revolution home. He thinks he can set up private schools in the UK that charge just £50 a week, and in the process unleash demand for affordable private education.

Our treatment of asylum seekers isn't a scandal - it's sensible

Tim Worstall, CapX
There is outrage in today's Guardian at the discovery that five times as many asylum seekers live in the poorest third of the country as in the richest third. Given that asylum seekers have fled to Britain out of fear of death, discrimination or mutilation, is it really so bad that they end up in, say, Rochdale? In fact, the cheaper their housing, the more good we can do with the scarce resources we have.  

Economic populism is immiserating Venezuela

Monica de Bolle, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Perhaps the most important lesson to learn from the economic disaster-zone that is Venezuela is that macroeconomic populism - a cocktail of unsustainable policies that pursue redistribution and short-term boosts to employment and growth - always ends badly. When the inevitable collapse comes, the result is usually authoritarian political repression as well as economic deprivation.  

A lurch to the Left won't save the Democrats

Dominic Green, CapX
What went wrong for the Democrats in last year's election? Some in the party are convinced that their candidate just wasn't Left-wing enough: hence the swell in support for Keith Ellison, a congressman whose views put him at the very edge of mainstream opinion. The sooner the Democrats realise that elections are won from the centre ground, the sooner America will have a party that can challenge Trump. 

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