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Art Of The Mixtape: Funky Chill Couch Entertainment


Slow Dancer, Willy Santana ‎, Thundercat, George Benson, Edwin Starr and more.

This is my entry to the ‘Art Of The Mixtape’ competition. An employee of Mixcloud called me ‘the king of funky chill’ on social media a few months ago, after reaching one million plays. That’s very nice, of course, but let me explain first what funky chill actually is, according to me. In short, it’s delicate funky music on which you can move your toes, fingers and head, but not both your feet. Or, in other words, funky chill is soulful music that you can enjoy best on your couch and not on the dance floor. The mood bounces between chill out and slow dancing. It’s musically a relaxed melting pot of soul, funk and jazz. At times not far away from a few small dance steps... So enjoy and ‘do what you wanna do’, to quote T-Connection!

Artwork: Aurélien Buttin

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