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Avocado demand, young voters, SNP

Avocados are in short supply and high demand, following bad harvests and their surging popularity across the world. China is the latest market to go crazy for expensive plates of smashed avocado on toast but – as David Harvey points out – it did not invent the fad and nor is it the only country to have a rising middle class intent on showcasing its wealth.
Young Britons generally vote in far smaller numbers than their older counterparts, meaning that politicians have little incentive to cater to their needs. But will 2017 be the year things change? James Hart looks at the data and sees signs that the young vote could be on the up.
Tory support in Scotland was believed to be so toxic that in 2011 Murdo Fraser contested the party leadership promising to disband it. Now it is Scotland’s second biggest party. Rob Johns says Nicola Sturgeon shouldn’t underestimate their resurgence. Meanwhile John Curtice has been drilling into the figures, and suggests that it’s not all rosy for the SNP.
Annabel Bligh
Business and Economy Editor

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Is China to blame for the global avocado shortage?

David Harvey, University of Huddersfield
Avocado demand is driven not just by their supposed health benefits, but by their newness, exclusivity and symbolic, aspirational value to a burgeoning middle class.

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