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BA meltdown, polling issues, Sikhs in Italy

A computer failure caused massive disruption for thousands of British Airways passengers over the holiday weekend. One of them was Denis Fischbacher-Smith, an expert in organisational crises. Click here to read about his journey, chaos at Heathrow and his take on the meltdown that has seriously damaged the reputation of a company that once boasted of being the “world’s favourite airline”.
Can the UK’s opinion pollsters avoid another general election debacle? Will Jennings and Patrick Sturgis look at what’s gone wrong in the past – and consider the possibility of another embarrassment.
An Italian court has ruled that the country’s Sikhs must not carry the kirpan, the ceremonial dagger that represents one of the five holy customs Sikhs must observe. The unrest this is creating is bad news for the Parmesan cheese business which depends on the labour of Italy’s 60,000 Sikhs – who now run the risk of being stopped, searched and possibly punished for religious observance. Marco Antonsich explains.
As more information comes to light about the Manchester bombing, there is again debate over what drives radical terrorism. Simon Mabon argues that attention should be paid to the deep anger felt by young people at governments’ failure to protect them. Coral Dando looks at what psychological data can tell us about the process by which people get to the point of committing terrorist acts. And while various commentators speculate that a new kind of “jihadism” may be on the rise, Samantha May explains that the terrorist strategies at work today have in fact been decades in the making.
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Has someone tried switching it off and on again? Denis Fischbacher-Smith

BA meltdown: crisis researcher caught in the chaos reports on a massive airline failure

Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow
How not to handle it – British Airways have offered up a textbook example of getting almost everything wrong.

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