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Corbynism, feminist rebels, marathon nutrition

It’s no secret that the Labour party would have to pull off something pretty special to win the 2017 general election. Thoughts are already turning to what happens after June 8, including intense speculation about whether leader Jeremy Corbyn will stay on or resign. Tom Quinn predicts that he will remain in post long enough to oversee a change to party rules that would make it far easier for a left-wing candidate to succeed him.
When it comes to fantasy fiction, female characters are often demoted to the temptress figure. But some fictional women fight the patriarchy as well as any monsters that get in their way. Chloe Germaine Buckley looks at the freedom and power women have as witches in fiction, while Sadek Kessous analyses the feminism of the Alien film franchise’s Ripley. And when it comes to the Bafta-winning Fleabag, all the bets are off.
Kenyan runner, Eluid Kipchoge, came close to being the first person to run a marathon in less than two hours – he was just 26 seconds out. Stephen Mears examines how nutrition may have played a part in Kipchoge’s phenomenal performance.
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Sinking into the background? PA/Chris Radburn

How Labour plans to keep Corbynism alive – even without Corbyn

Tom Quinn, University of Essex
The left wing of the party is starting to see that the leader may need to be sacrificed in order for his legacy to survive.

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