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Fact Check, bloodcurdling surgery, Tory manifesto

If 30% more people under 25 voted in the general election, could the Conservatives lose? That’s a claim that’s been circulating on social media. As part of our Fact Check series, we asked James Tilley to crunch the numbers, and Benjamin Bowman to review them. The verdict: it’s very unlikely.
About 2m people have keyhole knee surgery each year, but a new medical guideline says that in many cases it’s a waste of time. If you’ve had this surgery and feel angry that you’ve endured pain for no benefit, spare a thought for your forebears. Adam Taylor reminds us that things used to be a lot worse.
In a week that has seen political parties promise the electorate most things short of the moon on a stick, Theresa May has once again surprised us by publishing an election manifesto that actually contains quite a lot of bad news for key voter demographics. It takes a bold prime minister to offer so little joy with so much confidence, argues Louise Thompson.
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All eyes on the youth vote. Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Fact Check: if 30% more people under 25 vote, could the Conservatives lose the election?

James Tilley, University of Oxford
We asked two experts in youth politics to check the claim that has been circulating on social media.

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