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France elects Macron, mathematics of queuing, sterling and exports

He is just 39-years-old and started his own political movement barely a year ago, but last night, Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France. Despite fears of the far-right threat, his victory against Marine Le Pen was, in the end, decisive. Macron now faces the challenge of appealing not only to his own supporters, but those who have been clamouring for change and saw Le Pen as the vehicle for it. Paul Smith sizes up an extraordinary president for extraordinary times.
If you’ve ever joined what you thought was the shortest supermarket queue only to watch the other lines move faster, you’re not alone. In fact there’s a mathematical reason for feeling like your queue has slowed down. Enrich Scalas and Nicos Georgiou explain how it works and whether there’s a way to use maths to beat the system.
The pound has fallen dramatically since Britain’s vote to leave the EU. Economics 101 says this should be good for manufacturers because it makes their goods cheaper to export and more attractive to foreign buyers. Costas Milas and Gabriella Legrenzi crunch the numbers to see if this really is the case.
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Macron sweeps to victory. EPA/Thomas Samson

From wannabe to president: how Emmanuel Macron beat Marine Le Pen to win the French election

Paul Smith, University of Nottingham
France's new president is just 39-years-old and started his own political movement barely a year ago. So how did he do it?

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