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Gaunty debates the death penalty

I have long said that we need to bring back execution in the UK for the worst crimes, rather than keep them alive in prison on the taxpayer's expense. The death penalty is the hottest topic in the US, and where I am today in New Mexico, it was got rid of in 2009. There's a campaign to bring back the death penalty in the state, and I spoke to Republican representative for the state Monica Youngblood to find out why she's fighting to bring it back.

I also asked Monica about "Sanctuary Cities". New Mexico is a "Sanctuary State", meaning that the state government doesn't have to comply with national immigration laws such as Trump's travel ban. How does that work, and will the Texas governor's ban on "Sanctuary Cities" yesterday make a difference? Monica told me why she thinks it's a disgrace that individual cities can overrule their president!
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