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Global cyber-attack, political poles, ultrasound

The scale of the massive global cyber-attack that effectively placed the NHS on lockdown is now believed to have included more than 200,000 systems across 150 countries. It was caused by ransomware, malware that encrypts user information then demands payment for unlocking it. Conor Deane-McKenna calls it the most devastating cyber-attack on British infrastructure ever – and one that could have been prevented.
Are we witnessing a convergence of the political far right and far left? Both sets of extremists attack the liberal status quo, after all, and both seek to unite “the people” against “elites”. Yet there are many problems with grouping fascists together with communists. Political theorist, Simon Choat, explains why the political extremes are still extremely different.
Whales and bats send out sound waves to navigate, listening to the reflected signals to work out how far away objects are. Now researchers want to enable humans to do the same thing. It’s just one of many incredible inventions being made possible with ultrasound, from acoustic holograms to tractor beams.
Clint Witchalls
Health + Medicine Editor

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NHS ransomware cyber-attack was preventable

Conor Deane-McKenna, University of Birmingham
NHS data is being held to ransom by criminals. This the mother of all wake-up calls.

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