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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Memories

Working my way through a lot of memory connected goods, a lot of good memories.
When you get older, all what you have left are your memories, well at least a lot of people think so.
I think you make memories in every time of your life, I want to keep on building memories, over and over.. again.

00:00 Intro - Intro
00:20 Max Denoise & Casanovix feat Claire Willis - So surreal ( abora chillout )
04:44 Meeke Feat. Urias - Delicate
08:32 Ohm-G - Chilli Conkani
12:18 Giyo - Astro (Give You All I Can)
15:33 Helios - Velius
19:53 Jane Maximova - Only
25:29 Banzai Republic - Never Feel
30:50 Phonique - Amy's Heart Feat. Ruben
33:21 Henrik3000 - Hovercraft
36:58 Joey Youngman - Gotta Be Love
40:59 Offshore - Gods Bathtub (Feat. Shemeca) (Original Mix)
46:47 Jeff Oster - Next (feat. Nile Rodgers) - The Afterlife Mix
52:26 Pete Belasco - Deeper
57:48 Alexandra Hampton - Dust Storm
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