Folly Radio

Folly Radio

Guido's Lounge Cafe - My Beach House

Kicking in with some nice slow grooves but changing the tempo to more uptempo
Just needed to unwind, and get some juices flowing Please enjoy my friends.

00:00 Intro -Intro
00:35 Cay-T - Nightshift
06:41 Planet Lounge - Autumn Sky
13:35 Cay-T - Love is blind
18:05 Jens Buchert - Terra Nova
21:48 Nova Casa - Backspin
27:11 Atjazz - Peanuts
32:28 Fabian Luttenberger - Get You
37:47 Chris Coco - My Beach House
44:19 Danilo Venturi - Atelier (Wayne Coleman Remix)
47:52 Thievery Corporation - Language Symbolique
51:09 Ashley Scott - Back Home
56:13 Mozez - Patience

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