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In The Zone - Guido's Lounge Cafe

This is a special monthly epidsode of "In The Zone", a personal view on relaxing music scene of today.


AO Music, Keith Gehle, Tom Caufield, Jennifer DeFrayne, Trialogue and more.

Darlene Koldenhoven - First light
Tom Grant - Sipping Beauty
Keith Gehle - Cooper's Creek
Ricky Kej - Kudrat
Gina Leneé - Forever
Tom Caufield - The deep blue goodbye
Timothy Wenzel - Hypnotized
Anaamaly - I Love Unconditionally
Nathan Speir - Serenity in this house
Jack Gates - Cloud Forest
Michele McLaughlin - At Home
AO Music - The Wildest Dream
Jennifer DeFrayne - Beyond
Steven Vitali - Everything Happens For a Reason
Timothy Crane - The sound of snow
One Alternative - Roadless travel
Trialogue - Mending Fences
Adam Werner - The Impending Death of the Virgin
Elizabeth Naccarato - Intermezzo
Greg Maroney - Melting Heart
David Franklin - Ambient Fog
Peter Kater - Venus in Pisces
Nancy Shoop-Wu - Sunrise over Haleiwa
Jim Gabriel - Retrospection II
Greg Maroney - Time Without End

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