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James Comey, epigenetic ageing, disappearing beaches

Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey is perhaps the most surprising moment of his presidency so far. Luca Trenta calls Trump’s given reasons absurd – and as more Republican senators speak out against him, the backlash is only going to intensify. Meanwhile Paula Serafini ponders a corruption of the American Dream, in which an image of Trump standing on a star-spangled tank with gold fixings, cash, and an eagle with a machine gun, can be claimed as a triumph by Trump supporters and a laugh-out-loud parody by his detractors.
Humans have always been obsessed with the idea of eternal youth. Though we may not have figured out how to stop the process of growing old there’s some good news. A new study has used epigenetics to create a tool that can predict ageing in mice. Wolf Reik and Oliver Stegle explain how it may even help us slow down the ageing clock.
And a beach in Ireland has “reappeared” some 30 years after it was washed away by a strong tide. Simon Boxall explains what happened, and where all the sand had been hiding.
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Donald Trump fires FBI director and a new national nightmare takes off

Luca Trenta, Swansea University
The White House's absurd rationale for firing Comey could mask something deeply disturbing.

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