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Ya Annas (Oh' People), Isma’a (Listen), Rooh (The Soul), Suffering, La Ibkey and more.

Born Johnathan Timm Jr. (January 30, 1927 – October 2, 1993), Ahmed Abdul-Malik was supposedly born in the West Indies and later rumoured to be of Sudanese decent.

An Afro-Vincentian double bassist and oud player who was known as an Brooklynite by many of his predecessors as a child prodigy violinist at the age of seven years old. After extensive training he was accepted to the Harlem School of Music & Arts and was given a spot in the All-City Orchestra as a violinist and viola player.

He later went on to teach strings and Sudanese classes at the Junior High School level for 5 years before departing to NYU to teach Jazz Improvisation. Malik recorded several dates under his own name for RCA and Prestige exemplifying the sound of the Middle East which was melded with jazz intonations of the oud and lute.

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