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King Charles III, French banlieues, daredevil climbers

King Charles III, Mike Bartlett’s critically acclaimed play that imagined the calamitous and short-lived rule of the future British monarch, gets its television debut tonight. Laughing at the royals – and particularly the ghost of Princess Diana sweeping through – hasn’t gone down well with everyone. But as Steven Fielding argues, the monarchy has done very well out of modern depictions and it’s about time they got a good ribbing.
Neglected for decades, the sprawling estates on the edges of France’s big cities are insecure and violent places to live. Drugs, guns and organised crime are rife. For France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron, reforming the way these banlieues are policed will be one of his toughest security challenges.
Daredevil “urban climbers” are breaking into some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and filming themselves dangling off the roofs. The videos and selfies they take will turn your hands clammy within seconds. Developmental psychologist Nathalia Gjersoe explains why videos of high-risk climbing are so good at triggering our deepest fears.
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King Charles III (Tim Pigott-Smith). Robert Viglasky for BBC/Drama Republic

King Charles III: it's about time the monarchy got a good ribbing

Steven Fielding, University of Nottingham
In TV and film the British monarchy have never had it so good – it's about time something took a more sceptical eye.

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