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MIMS Radio Session - Illa J, LiamLiamLiam, Walla P


Temu, Illa J .

+ Picks from Scott C & Lexis (00:00) 
Joyce Wrice - 'Good Morning (MNDSGN Remix)'
Alex Phountzi - 'Second Intention (feat. IG Culture & Henry Wu)'
Neue Grafik - 'Dancing & Drinking Tap Water'
Duke Hugh - 'Burning Up'
Jay Dee - '261'
+ Studio performance from Illa J (32:18)
+ DJ set from Walla P (Voyage Funktastique) (51:10)
+ Interview & Listening session with LiamLiamLiam
(1:39:00) "Brio" 
(1:45:00) "Greenpeace" 
(1:53:00) "Lights Off" 
(2:00:00) "In Control"

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