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Sunday Election Special

It's Sunday morning and the big hitters from all the main parties will be doing the rounds on British media, attempting to sell the manifestos each has published.
We're bringing you a special newsletter to help cut through their spin. We've been analysing these all-important documents to find out what's on offer. From Labour's big spending plans to Theresa May's vision for a united nation that works together to confront "giant" challenges, there is a lot to digest.
All are jostling for the title of party most likely to represent the British worker, but who came out on top? Do Labour spending plans really add up? What hidden plans lie within the pages of the Conservative programme for government? And who exactly is the Liberal Democrat manifesto aimed at if they openly admit they aren't going to win this election?
Our Fact Check series has zoned in on if it's true that young voters could swing the election away from a Conservative victory and whether there are more doctors and nurses thanks to the current government.
And the latest episode of our Election Weekly podcast takes a sideways look at the manifestos too – including an important proposal that you might have missed, buried deep inside the Conservative document.
Laura Hood
Politics Editor, Assistant Editor

Beginner's Guide

You probably won’t read them, but these documents can make or break a party. Shutterstock

A beginner's guide to election manifestos – and why they really matter

Patrick Diamond, Queen Mary University of London
Here's why you should bother paying attention to the documents published by your party this election.



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Fact Checks

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