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The point of art, Anthill gaming, Liberal Democrat manifesto

Art is one of the great paradoxes of human endeavour – huge amounts of time and effort are spent on creating things that have no obvious survival value. But if you really want to discover the point of art, you have to look back into prehistory, says Derek Hodgson. Back then, it wasn’t just a thing of beauty, but the very glue that held early communities together.
Our latest podcast is live and it’s all about gaming. We hear how game theory can help you negotiate a pay rise and find love and take a dive into the world of competitive eSports. We also look at how games are changing the way children learn.
The Liberal Democrats admitted in their 2017 election manifesto that they stand no chance of getting into government. But this hasn’t stopped them calling for a referendum on the Brexit deal, calling for the legalisation of marijuana and setting out ambitious housing policies. Timothy Oliver says they’re clearly targeting younger voters.
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Contemporary sculpture – but why bother?

What's the point of art?

Derek Hodgson, University of York
Look back into prehistory and it's all about trusting strangers.


  • Anthill 13: All the world's a game

    Will de Freitas, The Conversation; Emily Lindsay Brown, The Conversation; Annabel Bligh, The Conversation; Gemma Ware, The Conversation; Holly Squire, The Conversation
    In this month's episode of The Anthill, we are playing games – computer games, grammar games and real life games, too.

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