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Do you know your hipsters from your dandy wildmen? How about your metrosexuals from your spornosexuals? If you’re out and about in a city this weekend, you’ll soon realise just how many types of men are out there these days. And if you find it too hard to keep track, blame the economy. New research explains that it is the decline of manual labour that has changed the masculine ideal.
If you’d rather spend your weekend doing exercise, there’s research to help with that too. A new study suggests that swearing can actually help you boost your physical performance – both when it comes to cycling and grip strength. Next, the researchers are looking to see if repeating a profanity could also help with tasks such as balancing. But do be careful about where you try this out.
For many people, there’s no such thing as time off work without a little bit of social media. And it might be worth spending some time on updating your profile. Research suggests you can sometimes tell more about a person from their Facebook page than by actually meeting them.
If you’ve still got some time left, do catch up with our latest quiz and our new series about laughter and humour.
Have a great weekend!
Miriam Frankel
Science Editor

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Metrosexual, hipster, spornosexual: why do we keep redefining men?

Greg Wolfman, University of Huddersfield
Over the past 30 years, capitalism has redefined the labour market – and with it, men.

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