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Your Oxfordshire: Election Results, Leader re-elected, Register to vote


It's been an important day for the council. Councillor Ian Hudspeth has been re-elected as the Leader of the council and has appointed a cabinet with some new faces!
A new Chairman and Vice Chairman have also been appointed. All the details and more below. 

Election results

Following the county council election of 4 May, no single political group had a majority (ie more than half) of the elected councillors. The Conservative group have been joined by two Independent councillors to form a Conservative Independent Alliance.
The chart below shows a summary of the results, and you can find a detailed breakdown on our website.

Leader and Cabinet appointed

Councillor Ian Hudspeth has been elected as Leader of the Council and at a meeting of the Council today, and he announced the makeup of his new Cabinet, including the service areas that each Cabinet Member will be responsible for. He has created a new Cabinet post (Cabinet Member for Local Communities) to work with Oxfordshire’s parish and town councils to further develop and strengthen working relationships.

Councillor Zoe Patrick of Grove & Wantage elected new Oxfordshire County Council Chairman

Councillor Patrick said : “Having served as Vice Chairman to Cllr Michael Waine during 2016/17 and as a county councillor for many years I am aware of what this important job involves. I hope to visit many Oxfordshire localities to see those areas through the eyes of local county councillors.”
Councillor Gill Sanders has been elected to the role of Vice Chairman. Councillor Sanders represents Rose Hill and Littlemore in Oxford.
If you have not already registered to vote, there's less than a week to go before the registration deadline. Don't miss out. Register now!
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