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Last night saw representatives of seven political parties clash in a heated election debate. But Theresa May was not among the group, having delegated responsibility for speaking on behalf of the Conservatives to Amber Rudd. She faced heavy criticism for the no-show but Tom Quinn thinks she was onto a loser either way. He rates the various performances on the night.
With a week until polling day, May is still fighting the backlash against her plans for social care. Catherine Needham explains how she got the announcement of this important policy so wrong. Meanwhile, Robin Cohen asks why the government still seems so eager to stick to its missed immigration targets.
Meanwhile, scientists have been pondering whether we live in a “multiverse” made up of an infinite number of parallel universes for some time. While controversial and still untested, the idea is a consequence of important theories such as quantum mechanics. Now, a new study suggests that a mysterious cold spot in the sky may be evidence of a parallel universe. Ivan Baldry investigates whether this could actually be true.
If you own an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device, you might think you’ve got every appliance in your house under your tight control. But what if your smart home is trying to control you? Murray Goulden argues that the technology is attempting to shift the basic patterns and social rules of our everyday lives, running the risk that we’ll reject it altogether.
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Missing May: she was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t join the debate

Tom Quinn, University of Essex
She faced criticism for not taking part in the BBC head-to-head, but the PM would have struggled had she done another late U-turn.

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