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CapX Top 5 Stories - Labour's Marxist leadership

01 June 2017
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How can Labour's leaders be in thrall to Marx?

Daniel Hannan, CapX
The most alarming thing about Jeremy Corbyn and the clique at the top of the Labour Party isn't their extravagant spending plans. It isn't their association with the IRA or even their sheer ineptitude. It's that they refuse to give up on Karl Marx, a man who has a good claim to having caused more suffering than any other human being in history. They have fallen for a bearded prophet. Let's hope Britain isn't about to do the same.

Is this the return of two-party politics?

Ian Birrell, CapX
Rather than the coronation many expected, this election has turned in to a nervous dash for the finishing line. The polls may be all over the place but one trend is clear: the two parties that have dominated government for more than a century look like they're going to win their biggest share of the vote for decades. But for how much longer will these creaking coalitions, welded together in a bygone era, hold together?

Conventional wisdom is wrong about this election

Robert Colvile, CapX
According to received wisdom, this election started to go wrong for Theresa May when the manifestos were published, at which point her numbers plummeted. Except that isn't what the data says. Instead, the tightening of the race is a result of the rising popularity of Jeremy Corbyn, which picked up even before the campaign started. But voters still think May is more competent. And it is competence that generally gets you into Downing Street.

The first automation scare

Rick Wartzman, Politico
In 1958, the US was in the middle of the deepest slump since the Great Depression. With unemployment on the rise, the cause of job losses was hotly contested. Some blamed the business cycle. But, in a striking parallel to the contemporary debate, others blamed automation. The first automation scare is an important reminder that technological change is nothing new, and a corrective to the contemporary debate's doomsayers.

Trump should follow in Reagan's footsteps

Marian L. Tupy, CapX
Ronald Reagan endured ridicule and scorn when he was president. He was caricatured as belligerent, heartless and stupid. Today, by contrast, he is widely considered one of America's greatest ever leaders, partly because of how he allowed the US economy to flourish. Donald Trump, currently regarded as a dangerous buffoon, could similarly change opinions - but only if he gets serious about pushing his reforms through.

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