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Freedom of the Vale Parade Faringdon

On Sunday 25th June 2017 Thames Valley Police will be assisting Faringdon Town Council and the Vale of White Horse District Council host a local regiment marching in the Town after being awarded the freedom of the vale.

This is not just an honour for the regiment but also for Faringdon Town to host such an event.

Whilst we fully expect this to be a safe and trouble free occasion there have been a few measures necessary in order to assist the safe running of the event. These will ensure there is space to march and spectators get a good view of the event.

Understandably a few residents have raised concerns about the suspension of parking in the Gloucester Street Car Park and other roads in the vicinity of the parade.
As with every military parade a search team will need to ensure the area is safe, there are no unknown cars on the route and those that are known have not been tampered with.
Please therefore follow the requests of your Town Council.
If it is necessary to remove a vehicle from the vicinity there will be a significant cost in doing so.

 The following roads will be subject to closure on the day:
  • Market Place
  • Gloucester Street - from its junction with Gravel Walk to Market Place
  • Gloucester Street car park - including the access road
  • Marlborough Street - from its junction with Bromsgrove to Market Place
  • Church Street - from its junction with Coach Lane to Market Place
  • Radcot Road -from its junction with Faringdon House to Church Street
  • London Street - from its junction with Swan Lane and Skinners Lane to Market Place
  • Southampton Street - from its junction with Southampton Street car park to Market Place
Road closures will be in place from 7am until 3pm on the day of the event.   
Gloucester Street car park will be closed from 4pm on Saturday 24 June until after the event. 
Any residents with mobility issues are encouraged to make contact with the Town Council.

Faringdon Neighbourhood Policing Team look forward to seeing you on the 25th!

Best wishes,
PC6862 Robert Maris
Faringdon East Neighbourhood Supervisor.

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