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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Island Sun

When I started this set, I was thinking of the Island of Bali. How for me should sound when I'm relaxing and chilling on the beach. I love when music has variations in energy in separate tracks, 
but still sounds great in a mix. Please enjoy my friends...

00:00 Dobchinsky - Rain
03:19 Dee C'rell - Carmen's Theme
08:12 L'Art Mystique - Underwater Twilight (Original Mix)
11:44 Michael E feat. Greg Walker - With Each Passing Moment (Guitar Mix)
16:38 Afterlife - Lovedub
20:49 Marga Sol - Serenade (Katoey Ambient Mix)
25:29 Counting Clouds - Beautiful Illusions ( Beach Mix )
30:13 Nicolas Robin - Amethyste
33:51 The Diventa Project - Dreamer (Lazy Hammock Instrumental Mix)
39:16 Faro - Cold days
45:06 Portishead - Only You
49:48 Klangstein - Happy little clouds
55:38 DJ Maretimo feat. Vladi Strecker - the midnight hour (zero o clock mix)

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