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Guido's Lounge Cafe - Mixed Conclusions


Stephanie Sante, Spiller, Dzihan & Kamien, Intro, Bay Area and more.

This is a mix with mixed feelings just playing around with a few tracks, just let the mix come natural
I had a good time, I hope you will to....

00:00 Intro - Intro Ann Grace(Calma)
01:15 Stephanie Sante - Uptown
06:25 Adham Shaikh - Somptin Hapnin (East Shore Mix)
15:40 Soulpersona - I Want You (SoulP Version)
20:04 Paul Hardcastle - Don't Let It Get You Down (Helen Rodgers)
24:31 Spiller - Cry baby (Royksopps Malselves Memorabilia Mix)
30:05 Gelka - Have You Kept Your Ticket
33:48 Der Waldlaufer - Blossom Sun
38:51 Taburet - 4 Walls
41:27 Man In A Room - Spoke Low (feat. Rae Rae)
46:45 Dzihan & Kamien - Just You & I
51:57 Chubbanak Club - Float
53:50 Bay Area - Coronado (Pianofly Mix)
59:01 Koala - Even Colder Pt.1 (Original Mix)

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